Wood & Canvas Parties

Canvas Projects:

Get creative with one of our canvas projects. You will pick your own canvas painting and we will guide you through the painting process. We have in excess of 250 canvas choices that you may select from to paint. Most of our canvas offerings include a pattern vs. no pattern, however, you may also choose to create your own canvas design if you want.

Party On Broadway helps people who didn’t think they could paint how to create their own masterpiece. You will spend between 2 & 3 hours painting. Students take their master pieces home at the end of the evening. Party On Broadway provides all materials for students and has aprons available.
Canvas Party at Party on Broadway

Canvas Pricing

Adults: $25 ~ 8 x 10 & $35 ~ 16 x 20
Kids: $15 ~ 8 x 10 & $25 ~ 16 x 20

Canvas Booking Options

Canvas paintings are an option for: Open Studio, Private Parties, Corporate, Fund Raising and Home Parties

Wood Projects

Our Wood projects are plentiful here at Party On Broadway and they make amazing door and wall décor. We offer a variety of sizes depending on the project. We have a large selection of shapes to choose from including seasonal, animals, basic, nautical, flowers, tools, outdoors, hunting ~n~ fishing, sports, gallery wall words, picture frames, signs, reversibles, slat boards and welcome signs. If you are looking for something specific, ask, we can probably help you.

Canvas & Wood Party at Party on Broadway

Wood Pricing:

  • Pricing varies depending on the project.
  • Not all wood projects are available in a party setting. Some projects are available to do in our open classes only.
  • Pricing for project pictured includes all supplies shown in picture unless otherwise noted.
  • You are always welcome to bring extra embellishments.

If you prefer to purchase our finished projects, please also join our Facebook group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1442721822698660/

Wood Projects Booking Options:

Open Studio, Private Parties, Corporate, Fund Raising, Home Parties and we also do custom orders and sell both unfinished wood and finished projects.

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